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About Our Podcast

We're two sisters who love a good, true story. In the past we bonded over true crime podcasts. While they entertained us, we didn't feel uplifted by them. We began hunting for something that would be just as engaging, but also uplifting, and we couldn't find it. 


So we created it. Welcome to The Miracle Files!

About Us



Podcast Cohost, Narrator, Editor

Emily refined her editing skills working as a wedding videographer for 7 years, and she honed in her narrating skills by reading Harry Potter every night to her four young kids - accents and all. Emily is also an elementary school music teacher. In the rare moments when she has time for herself, she plays golf, softball, or pickleball with her husband. She adores her big sis, Holly, but slightly resents her for encouraging her Diet Coke addiction.



Podcast Cohost, Writer

When Holly isn't playing pickleball or golf, you'll find her facetiming with her grandkids, talking on the phone with Emily, working as a supervisor at a tax software company, or snuggling with her dog, Pierre.

Holly has a bachelor's degree in technical writing and has worked as a newspaper reporter, content creator, and has written articles for magazines. She loves ghost stories, Diet Coke, her hubby Blake, and her family.

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